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Acoustic Guitar Pros & Cons

Here's the good news--all guitars work the same! So if you can play one, you can play them all. Of course, there are some differences, and after reading this short article, you'll know why acoustic guitars are a great first choice!

Acoustic and electric guitars have some obvious differences that may or may not matter to you, but they are worth thinking about before you make a purchase.

Acoustic guitars have a larger body and can be a little harder to play than an electric guitar. The acoustic's strings are higher off of the fretboard making it a little harder to hold down the notes as a beginner. It's like 3 lbs vs. 5 lbs... not a huge difference for most adults, but it can make a big difference to small children and beginners. Here is a great child's size beginner acoustic guitar Kid Starter Pack. For adults, check out this acoustic guitar for an adult beginner Fender Starter Pack.

The nice thing about having an acoustic guitar in your collection is that it’s always ready to go. Just pick it up, make sure it's in tune, and start playing Wonder Wall! With an acoustic guitar, you control the volume and can also use its percussive qualities to create your own unique style. They are very mobile and give you the opportunity to play anywhere with other acoustic instruments. If you don't want to commit to just one type of guitar, think about getting a hybrid electric-acoustic guitar that you can plug into an amp! This way you can play for larger crowds!

In my experience of playing for 30 years and buying several guitars, what ever you decide, the best thing you can do is decide on one and get practicing!

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