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Artist Development.

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Project Rockstar

What can you do as a musician? Do you understand the value music has for everyone? When you play music you are often times reading, using both hands and feet independently, counting, and listening. Music is a talent that has value. Learn how to manage yourself and career and understand options available on your journey.

Guitar Strings


Building Your Setlist

Build up your playing time by adding a portfolio of songs to your setlist. Learning songs is an important step to understanding how music works. Master your favorite songs while learning the art of performance and technique. Fun projects that expand your playing skills.

Guitar Strings


Adding Layers

Chords, rhythm, melody, lyrics. Learn how to build songs in layers that compliment your sound. Add your personal touch as you create music.

Band Practice

Find your voice

Add Style To Your Playing

Learn how to make songs your own. Whether you're playing covers or original songs, adding your own texture and style is the perfect way to build confidence in your playing. Develop your musicianship and refine your tone.

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